The Japanese Conference on Combinatorics and its Applications  (JCCA 2018)

in Sendai

May 20-24, 2018


Contributed Talks and Abstracts

Call closed.

Notes to the Speaker

We prepare laptop computers running on Windows 10.  We also prepare RGB and HDMI display cables for a Windows machine, and Mini Display Port to VGA adapter for a Mac.  If the speakers have not prepared their slides in a Windows machine, we advise them to bring a suitable display connector/cable by themselves.

PowerPoint2016 and a PDF viewer are available in the prepared computers.

Conference papers

We will publish the conference papers in Graphs and Combinatorics.  The submitted papers will be refereed.  We expect that the submitted papers are based on the talks (including invited talks and the ones in mini-symposia) presented in the conference. 

If the number of accepted conference papers is small, Graphs and Combinatorics will publish them in a regular issue rather than making proceedings.  If this occurs, the conference papers will be distinguished from the ordinary papers by a mark in the contents.  See Number 6, Volume 33 for the papers of JCCA2016.  We plan to publish them in the last issue of 2019 volume.

The conference papers are processed separately from ordinary papers to ensure prompt publication.  When the participants submit a paper to Graphs and Combinatorics, the editorial system asks them whether it is a JCCA2018 paper or an ordinary submission.  Select "JCCA2018".

The call for the conference papers will start on June 1, 2018 at the Graphs and Combinatorics submission website.  It will close on October 30, 2018.


If you have a question, please contact us at