Simplicial Complex Library

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This page collects many interesting simplicial complexes from papers by several authors.

The data are given by lists of facets, linked from each description page.

poincare Poincaré sphere
nonpl_sphere Non-PL 5-sphere
knot 3-ball with a knotted hole
bing Bing's house with 2 rooms
nc_sphere 3-sphere with a knotted triangle
rudin Rudin's 3-ball
gruenbaum Grünbaum's 3-ball
ziegler Ziegler's 3-ball
lockeberg Lockeberg's 4-polytope
mani-walkup-C Mani&Walkup's 3-sphere
mani-walkup-D Mani&Walkup's 3-sphere
projective projective plane
dunce_hat the Dunce hat
bjorner Björner's example
nonextend Hachimori's example
c-ns Hachimori's example
c-ns2 Hachimori's example
c-ns3 Hachimori's example
simon Simon's example
simon2 Simon's example
moriyama-takeuchi Moriyama&Takeuchi's examples