The Japanese Conference on Combinatorics and its Applications  (JCCA 2018)

in Sendai

May 20-24 , 2018

The slides of talks left in our computer are made open here , except for the ones the speakers do not wish to publicize.

The conference photo is ready.  See " Confernce Photo" below.

The organizers intend to post a conference report to Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications (ICA).   In order to use the conference photo in the report, we need a permission from the people in the picture.  If you are in the photo and you do not wish it to be used for the report to ICA, please contact us at by July 10, 2018.  If we do not receive a negative opinion by this date, we will use it to the report.


2017. 11. 27    Call for talks  started.

2017. 12. 11    Registration is open.

2017. 12. 28    The page for mini-symposia opens. Some mini-symposia call for talks. The page for visa application opens.

2018. 2. 15    Deadline for 20-minute contributed talks is extended.  Go to Contributed talks.

2018. 2. 20    The first set of accepted contributed talks is announced. 

2018. 2. 28    The call for contributed talks is closed.

2018. 3. 5    Accepted contributed talks (1st+2nd sets) are announced.

2018. 3. 15    Due to the error in the registration system, we will extend the early registration until March 20th.  See also for "Registration".

2018. 3. 29    The excursion and the banquet are moved from Day 2 (May 21) to Day 3(May 22).  See "Daily Schedule".  Information on foods of the banquet is added.  See "Social Programs"

2018. 4. 20   The assistance for visa application will soon be closed.  See the "Visa" section below.

2018.  5.  8    The program and abstracts are now available from HERE.

2018.  5. 9   
  • Notes to the speaker are posted in "Contributed Talks" section.
  • The instruction for the submission of the conference paper is posted in "Contributed Talks" section.
  • The details of the daily schedule are posted in "Daily Schedule" section.
  • The "Social Programs" section is renewed.  The details of the welcome reception, the excursion, the banquet and the conference photo are posted.
  • The "Conference Venue and Access" section is renewed.  The detailed information on the access from Sendai railway station to Sendai International Center is added.
2018. 5. 15   The online registration was closed on May 14.  We will open registration on site during the conference.

2019. 3. 25   
Upload of Talk Slides
At the conference, we asked the speakers to leave the slides for possible upload after the conference. We plan to do it in mid April, 2019.  If you do not want us to upload your slides, please contact us at by April 6, 2019.

Conference Photo

We post a conference photo HERE.  We will soon send an ID and a password to the participants, which they need to retrieve the photo.  If you do not receive the ID and the  password by June 20, please contact the organizers at

Besides, Kenji Kimura, one of the participants, took a number of pictures during the conference, and he kindly offered them to the other participants.  If you are interested in his pictures, please ask his email address to us at


The Japanese Center for Combinatorics and its Applications is organizing a conference, JCCA 2018 during May 20-24, 2018, at Sendai International Center in Sendai, Japan.  This is a sequel of JCCA 2016(Kyoto, 2016) and JCCA2014 (Tsukuba, 2014).

JCCA2018 is supported  by the following program and the organizations:
  • National Institute of Informatics
  • Kawarabayashi Large Graph Project
  • NICT International Exchange Program of National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
  • Research Alliance Center for Mathematical Sciences (RACMaS) of Tohoku University
  • Graduate School of Information Sciences of Tohoku University.

This conference focuses on research topics across all areas in combinatorics and their applications, including but not limiting to the following ones.

    Graph Theory
    Enumerative Combinatorics
    Algebraic Combinatorics
    Combinatorial Designs
    Combinatorial Optimization
    Coding Theory
    Applications of Combinatorics

Plenary Speakers


The web registration was closed on May 14.  We will open an on-site registration during the conference.  We will accept cash for the on-site registration.


For the participants who need a visa for the entry to Japan, please visit HERE. The assistance for visa application will be closed on April 25, 2018.  We request the participants who need the assistance to contact us by this date.


We plan to organize mini-symposia during the conference.   Some of them call for talks.  For details please visit HERE. The titles and the organizers are:
  1. Combinatorial Optimization and Related Topics (Organizers: Shin-ichi Tanigawa, Tokyo University, and Kenjiro Takazawa, Hosei University)
  2. Combinatorics on Convex Polytopes (Organizers: Akihiro Higashitani, Kyoto Sangyo University, and Satoshi Murai, Osaka University)
  3. Finite Combinatorics and Infinite Combinatorics (Organizer: Masanori Sawa, Kobe University, Hirotaka Kikyo, Kobe University, Shohei Satake, Kobe University, and Shunsuke Okabe, Kobe University)
  4. Graph Colouring and Forbidden Subgraphs (Organizer: Ingo Schiermeyer, Technical University of Freiberg, Germany?
  5. Graph Structure (Organizer: Kenta Ozeki, Yokohama National University)
  6. Spectral Graph Theory and Related Topics (Organizers: Tetsuji Taniguchi, Hiroshima Institute of Technology, Hajime Tanaka, Tohoku University, and Yoshio Sano, Tsukuba University)
The attendants of the mini-symposia are required to make a registration.


    the committee members

If you have a question, please contact us at .