Welcome to Naoko Kaida’s website. My areas of specialization include: Environmental Economics, Economic Valuation of Environmental and Natural Resources, Environmental Psychology, Pro-Environmental Behavior, Sustainable Societies, and Capacity Development for the Environment.

Ongoing research projects:

- Promoting pro-environmental behaviors through enhancing values: cross-country and panel study in Western and Asian cultures (AY2016-2019)

- Positive spirals between pro-environmental behavior, satisfaction, and subjective well-being (AY2014-2016)

  1. -Water resources management in Malaysia (AY2014-2016)

Naoko Kaida

Environmental Economics and Policy Studies

University of Tsukuba

Naoko Kaida, Ph.D.

Department of Policy and Planning Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems,

University of Tsukuba


+81(0)29 853 5097