of the doctoral thesis:

"Combinatorics of Constructible Complexes"

by Masahiro Hachimori
p.13, l.1*
The definition of stellar subdivision is wrong.
\stellar_C \sigma = (C \star_C \sigma) \cup (\var{p} *\partial \sigma * \link_C \sigma)
p.116, l.22 (and other places...)
Brugesser -> Bruggesser
p.75, l.14, p.76, l.15
In both places, "b(K) \leq 2p(K)" should be "2b(K) \leq p(K)".
(See the proof of Th.3.36.)
(Last updated on Sep 18, 2000)
p.85, Prop.4.3
The `if' part of the proof of Prop.4.3 (II) contains a gap. Currently it is not clear whether the claim is true or not. (This is pointed out by B. Benedetti and G.M. Ziegler.)
(Updated on Jan 18, 2010)